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Booking and payment

Payment with PayPal and credit card (Visa, Mastercard)

Unfortunately this is not possible. The workshops are often designed for a limited number of participants due to the space available and to offer you as a participant an opportunity for exchange and insights. Accordingly, we need to know exactly who comes when.

No, an own customer account is not necessary. All we need from you is your name, email and billing address.

It is sufficient to bring your ticket to the workshop in electronic form on your cell phone. This way misunderstandings can be avoided.

A ticket entitles you to participate in a selected workshop on a fixed date.

Right after booking the workshop you will receive a confirmation email with the invoice and your ticket. If you have a user account, you will find your ticket in your login area.

No worries – you are checked in and have a seat. If you have a user account, you will find your ticket to the workshop in your login area.

Please check your spam folder first to see if the email has landed there!

If you don’t find a notification in your spam folder, please contact us and tell us your booking number or email address that was used for the booking.

Currently we do not offer a waiting list system. If a place becomes available again, you can see and book it directly on the website.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any additional tickets due to lack of space. Our workshop providers have always indicated the maximum number of seats / tickets available in the location. A spontaneous participation on site is unfortunately not possible! But feel free to send us an email to find a suitable solution for you.


An OH SELF voucher is a flexible value voucher with a cash value in EUR. Our vouchers entitle you to purchase a workshop ticket and do not represent the ticket itself.

Yes, our vouchers are freely transferable and can therefore be given to third parties at any time.

Vouchers can be redeemed within the legal limitation period of 3 years. The period begins at the end of the year in which the voucher was purchased. Please note that the date of redemption is decisive here. The event itself can also take place later. If you have any difficulties with redeeming, please contact us by email.

You can redeem the vouchers after going to the cash desk. Simply enter your code in the appropriate field and redeem the voucher. The value of the voucher is automatically offset against the price of the event when redeemed. The voucher value is automatically deducted from the amount you have to pay. Any remaining amount will simply remain on your voucher and you can use it again on your next purchase.

All our vouchers are completely flexible. The vouchers are not tied to any fixed date, so you can choose a workshop freely.

A discount code is redeemed in the same way as a voucher. You can redeem the discount code after going to checkout. Simply enter your code in the appropriate field and redeem the discount code. The value of the discount will automatically be charged to the price of the event when you redeem it. The discount will be automatically deducted from your amount to be paid.

Yes, you can also return a purchased voucher. In this case, please cancel your purchase in writing and within a maximum of 14 days, the statutory right of withdrawal applies. More information can also be found in our current terms and working bouts. After that, a cash payment of the voucher is not possible.

If you do not use the balance completely when making a booking, the remaining balance remains on the voucher. So you can simply redeem it again at the next booking and use up the remaining amount.


If you need more information about the workshop in addition to the information on the workshop detail page, please write to our e-mail address.

If you have any questions about your booking, please contact us. We want to relieve the workshop providers by being able to concentrate on the course and not having to deal with payment, queries, administration, etc.

Yay! We look forward to your interest and will be happy to talk to you. Please write to us via the contact form on the partner page and we will get back to you immediately.


Various studies have concluded that on average, about 75 percent of all online shoppers read other customers’ reviews before purchasing and include them in the purchase decision. It is logical that those providers who can have many positive reviews perform well.

We try to get you new customers, so it’s only logical that they want to know what others in front of them think about you before they book. Providers without reviews get virtually no bookings and the more positive reviews they have the more bookings are possible.

OH SELF helps you build a good reputation online by automatically sending review requests to all customers who have booked you online after the appointment has taken place.

You can forward your profile to your customers at any time with the request for a positive review.

Your review at OH SELF is an easy way for customers to see how previous customers have already rated you. As usual, the higher the ratings, the better!
Of course, excellent customer service is the main factor and a request for feedback can help you get a good review. But the workshop experience also plays a major role here: If the appointment takes place as agreed and at the scheduled time, the majority is already done for a good evaluation.

Even if you take care of your participants in the best possible way, there is a chance that you will get a bad rating. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to respond to these reviews so that you can make negative feedback into something positive.

Before you rush to send an answer, you should consider the following:
– Read exactly what the customer is complaining about.
– Limit yourself to the problem and give a correct answer.
– Always keep in mind that your answer is public and can be read by everyone.
The most important thing about your response is that you accept the criticism constructively. If the feedback is justified, see it as an opportunity to get even better. You should also react openly and positively to negative reviews.
Even if the negative review is surprising for you, you have the chance to communicate directly with your customer and clear up misunderstandings.

Online Workshops

The workshop vendors bring you and all other participants together in a live stream on your laptop. You can ask questions and exchange ideas with other participants – as at a regular workshop, only at home!
As soon as the workshop starts, you will be added to the online space (e.g. via Zoom). Check your sound and turn on your camera so that the other participants and the workshop provider can see you and the workshop can take place in a familiar and secure space.

You will receive an email with a link to the online event (e.g. via Zoom) a few hours before the workshop starts. Just click on the link to open the stream.
Depending on the live stream provider, you need to download the app on your laptop or smartphone beforehand. Frequently, after clicking on the link, you will be automatically redirected to your default internet browser to the meeting page.

You will receive an email from us a few hours before the online workshop with the link to your course. Please also check the spam folder if you did not receive the link. If in doubt, also check the settings of your spam folder. With a simple click on the link you can then participate.

If there are any problems with zoom, we recommend closing all other programs, browser windows and apps first.
If you have difficulty participating in a zoom session, please delete the cache and cookies in your browser first!

If you don’t have a sound or an image or something else doesn’t work with the Zoom app, you’ll find a general help directly on the zoom page.

Private Group Workshops

Naturally. Many workshops can be requested for private groups such as birthday, bachelor party or other occasion.

We can’t answer this in general, as it also depends on the number of people, the workshop provider and the selection of the location for your event. Send us an email to clarify all open questions in peace.

A private workshop can take place at your home or in a location of your choice. Send us an email to clarify all open questions in peace.

Quality & Money Back Guarantee

This is, of course, the worst case and must not happen. Of course, you will get your money back immediately. At the same time, we conduct root cause research and inform you why it didn’t work out.

We are 100% convinced of the workshop offers and our partners and talk to the provider about the content and philosophy of the workshop for a long time before we accept them or him as a partner. But if it happens that you don’t like the workshop, please let us know.

All our workshop providers are professionals and take the course in selected classrooms such as yoga studios and co-working spaces. Providers know what they are doing and are insured accordingly.

If there are any problems with zoom, we recommend closing all other programs, browser windows and apps first.
If you have difficulty participating in a zoom session, please delete the cache and cookies in your browser first!

If you don’t have a sound or an image or something else doesn’t work with the Zoom app, you’ll find a general help directly on the zoom page.


In exceptional cases, a workshop booked by you may have to be postponed, e.g. because the provider has become ill or the minimum number of participants has not been reached.
Of course, we make sure that such cases do not occur, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee them.

In any case, you don’t go out empty-handed. Depending on the case, there will be an alternative date or we will send you a voucher with which you can book a new appointment or another workshop.

Yes. If you are prevented from attending the workshop, you can transfer the booked ticket to another person. Just forward your ticket to the person, which must be brought to the workshop – printed out or in electronic form. A, if necessary, the name indicated on the ticket is therefore not binding.

Bookings are generally non-cancellable. If you are ill or prevented from attending the workshop, you can either resell the ticket or give away points for Karma. The workshops are events (similar to concerts or a cinema ticket), so the possibility of rebooking is not mandatory. In urgent cases please send us an email and we will try to find a solution for you.

Partial cancellation of individual workshop tickets is not possible. Only the entire booking can be cancelled, not individual tickets. A refund of the amount of money is not possible.

Depending on the venue, the necessary hygiene measures and the necessary distance are determined. Please check before the workshop that you do not have any symptoms of the disease. Please stay at home if you feel sick. Please bring a mouth-nose cover to the workshop.

No one needs to be informed, as all workshop providers get a list of participants. So the person can simply give your name that it is a gift or he comes as a substitute and simply participate for you.

Workshop General

The workshop is strongly influenced by the interaction with the participants, which is why there is an individual minimum number of participants in some workshops.

At OH SELF you can find and book workshops in the areas of coaching, personal development and spirituality. In order to facilitate your search, the workshops are divided into the four areas of life relationship, career, body and spirituality. OH SELF allows you to save time with an efficient search function as well as complete and clear information about the workshop offer. You can easily find the right workshop for you by filtering on your advantages (e.g. district, date, time and price) and then easily and quickly booking the workshop.

We cooperate with various, personally tested workshop providers (e.g. coaches, yoga teachers), who are also the organizers of the workshops. The workshop providers are carefully selected and passionate about passing on their knowledge and experience to you.

You can usually see the complete address of the workshop already on the detailed page of the workshop. In some cases, for security reasons, only a rough indication of the district will be published on the detailed page of the workshop. The exact address will only be communicated by e-mail at the order confirmation or a few days before the event.

Depending on the provider, the workshops take place at regular intervals and several times a year. The days of the week and times can vary from workshop to workshop and depending on the season.

All information on what you should bring to the workshop can be found in the workshop description on the details page or in your order confirmation and ticket. In any case, you need the desire and openness to new things!

All information, whether there is something to eat and drink at the workshop or if there are restaurants and cafés nearby, you can find out in the workshop description on the detail page or in your order confirmation and ticket.

Unless otherwise stated in the workshop description or order confirmation, be there at least 15 minutes before the workshop to arrive in peace and have a time buffer if it takes a little longer on the way to the workshop by train or on the roads.

Depending on the workshop and the spatial conditions, the number of participants varies greatly. All information can be found on the details page of the workshop in the workshop description.

Basically, all workshops are about self-experience and prior knowledge is not needed. You can also do a workshop after a few weeks and get completely different experiences and insights. Grass doesn’t grow faster when you pull on it. You can’t artificially accelerate the inner process and there’s always what can and should be there. It happens very often that you perceive other things when you will attend a workshop again. If certain things are to be prepared at a workshop or if certain previous knowledge and experience are required, you will find an indication in the workshop description.

Unfortunately it is not possible to bring a dog to the workshop. We cannot estimate whether another participant has an allergy or fear of dogs. And every participant should be able to enjoy the evening relaxed.

All information on arrival and parking, you can find out in the workshop description on the detailed page or in your order confirmation and ticket.

This depends on the type of workshop. The workshops usually take place in one day and last an average of 3-4 hours. There are also workshops lasting several days. You can always read the exact duration in the workshop description on the detail page or in your order confirmation and ticket.

Workshops are great as a gift or appointment.

Buy either the workshop directly to secure your seats or a voucher.

That is what we are asking ourselves! We are always looking for new workshops that will help make the world a little better and help people get back in touch with themselves and live their true self.

Please send us an email using the contact form.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that on a blanket basis. Please contact us by email to clarify this together and find a suitable solution for you.

No. While the majority of our participants are women, we have a strong and growing interest from men. In principle, the content of the workshops is not gender-specific and everyone is welcome. In exceptional cases, this is clearly described in the respective workshop description.

OH SELF is aimed at all those who
– away from self-optimization, status symbols, superficiality in relation and outdated social norms
– strive for their own, individual vision and more fullness and joy in one or more areas of life
– just begin to discover oneself and are ready for one’s own inner process, because self-love is the first step to love, appreciate and immerse someone else
– yearn for community and exchange with like-minded people
– with a loving look at yourself are open and curious for change and want to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions
– yearn for more quality, depth and sincerity in relationships with oneself, others and nature
– want to make the vision from their areas of life more fulfilling and live out. Fulfilled means with more heart, humanity, clarity, orientation, support, authenticity, self-confidence and trust in oneself
– are aware that private and collective change are processes over time

OH SELF is not right for you if you
– search for quick solutions. Change comes from continuous, consistent steps over time. Grass doesn’t grow faster when you pull on it
– think the others are to blame and “the world is just like that”
– are not willing to question yourself, are open to change and have no desire to be open and honest with you
– just want to see the world from your point of view and it’s more important for you to be right about your opinion
– think you know everything better
– Make fun of the openness, feelings and vulnerability of others

Offer a workshop

You have full flexibility over your offer design. You decide on the content of your workshops as well as when, where and how many workshops you offer and at what price.

Registration to list your workshops on OH SELF is free of charge. The free registration as well as all benefits mentioned on the partner page are available for a participation of 18% (+VAT) of the workshop price for each ticket that is successfully booked via OH SELF.

With just a few clicks, you can create, edit and get an overview of the bookings from your provider account with just a few clicks.

You can promote your workshops flexibly via your channels at any time. OH SELF does not participate in your sales for the bookings you get about this.

The sooner you start to promote your workshop, the higher the chance that they will be fully booked. A potential customer needs about 7 contact points to purchase a workshop service. Contact points include discovering your workshop on the website, advertising on Instagram and rating other customers. Those who decide to buy a workshop have unconsciously already made a pre-selection of the workshops in question. Therefore, we recommend you to list the workshops at least 4 weeks in advance in order to get in regular contact with your customers and your workshop offer.

With your provider account you can edit the number of available tickets with just a few clicks and get an overview of the bookings at any time.

You have full flexibility over your offer design. You decide on the content of your workshops as well as when, where and how many workshops you offer and at what price.

You will find all the information on our website on the partner page for workshop providers. There you can contact us conveniently via the contact form and we will be happy to discuss all your open questions