Madami by Menstrual Health Hub

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Madami by the MH Hub is a social impact agency specializing in gender, female and menstrual health. Madami bridges the gap between public and private sector ambitions with their strategic services, social impact projects and their networking platform, the Menstrual Health Hub. They envision a world where female and menstrual health is a priority in progressing gender equality. One step towards this world is sharing their expertise on menstrual health through workshops - all things period!

Workshops are hosted by Maria Carmen and Aurelia Serena. Maria Carmen works as a Menstrual Health Researcher and is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She feels most at home in her menstrual phase, where she feels creative and peaceful. Aurelia Serena works as a Somatic Coach and is a Red School Menstruality Leadership student. She feels most at home in her luteal phase, where she enjoys setting boundaries more easily.

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