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Everything starts with you – love, trust, success and the change you wish for your life and the world. Create your own story from OH SHIT to OH SELF and book workshops in your city and online.


Discover workshops on 4 areas of life: relationship, career, body and spirituality.


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to the 4 areas of life


The most important things for a happy life are depth, intensity and quality that we experience in our relationships.

Workshops in this area of life help you to heal and deepen your relationships with others and yourself.


A clear vision of success strengthens your confidence and courage to do what really fulfills you financially and in your heart.

Workshops in this area of life help you to give more room to your talents, interests and strengths and to be successful with ease.


We often underestimate our body and forget that it carries us through life and lets us feel life energy and fulfilment.

Workshops in this area of life help you to ignite your health and natural processes in your body.


Spirituality does not take place on the yoga mat when everything is light and relaxed, but in everyday life, especially in challenging situations.

Workshops in this area of life help you to connect more deeply with your creativity and intuition.

What customers love about OH SELF


OH SELF has really helped me to find the right expert for the topics that interest me and to develop and learn new things in these areas.


What I like about OH SELF is that it gives me the opportunity to connect and exchange with other women. That always gives me a lot of strength.


I like the fact that Alexandra has set herself the goal of making workshops accessible to everyone. Often I don’t even know what’s going on in my city because there is so much on offer. It is so wonderful that it gives an overview.


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I am Alexandra! As founder of OH SELF, Female Business Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher I support you in bringing your dreams to life.


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