Hoda Zekavat Life Coach Inner Child Healing Feminine Energy Workshop OH SELF
Emotional Release: Own Your Energy, Own Your Life
Fri 3. Dec 06.00 pm - 08.00 pm
HOST: Phalva
LOCATION: Element Yoga, Pfuelstraße, Berlin, Germany
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Price: 47€37
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Element Yoga, Pfuelstraße, Berlin, Germany

This workshop is for you if you

Feel heaviness on your chest lately and want your power back
Want to release stuck energy affecting your mind, body and spirit
Want to break patterns that lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms in your closest relationships
Have been in self-development for at least 6 months (not for complete beginners)

This workshop may help you to

Feel light again and experience immense inner peace
Find emotional release and learn to go from low energy states to higher ones
Move the heavy feeling state (e.g. of anger) through and out of our physical bodies
Learn to navigate through difficult feelings in your life and your relationships, without making others your punching bag

What awaits you in this workshop

Lighthearted talk on food as an analogy to energetic processes
Fun exercise and emotional release techniques by Robert A. Johnson and Robert Bly
Guided meditation to experience the release of further heavy energy
Healing sound bath to digest and integrate what our bodies and minds just did for you
Short break (10 minutes): Refreshments ready during the break
Changing rooms, showers and fresh towels are available

What you need to bring

Proof of 3 G’s (proof of vaccination, negative test or recovered)
Comfy clothes
A face towel

More details

The workshop is co-hosted with Sanya Manzoor. She is a holistic empowerment practitioner. Her unique practice includes deep-dive coaching, sound journeying, meditation, inspired contemplation and direct self-inquiry
Workshop is not for complete beginners
Doors open at 17:30

About your workshop host

Hoda Zekavat is a transformation coach & founder of Phalva Coaching. Her expertise is Inner Child Healing & exploring the effects of the individual’s inner masculine-feminine energy dynamics on their external reality. With extensive experience in language teaching, drama & voice acting, she's made it her mission to raise awareness on trauma & mental health issues to contribute to collective healing through edutainment, analogizing, storytelling, dramatization & levity. Hoda has created courses that take the individual from self-awareness to healing to goal-oriented self-leadership. The result of a session with Hoda feels like renewed energy, peace, motivation & readiness for what’s ahead.