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Full moon in Gemini: Enhance your communication w/ Online Sound Meditation
Sun 29. Nov 20.00 - 21.00 UHR
HOST: Gong with Frida (Frida Möhres)
LOCATION: online
TICKETS: (20 available)
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Price: 15
Keyfacts about your workshop:
Gong and sound

This workshop is for you if you

Would like time, guidance, connection to the energy of the collective and exciting meditative experiences
Want to dive deeper into meditation
Want to increase your intuition when you feel lost and looking for answers from within
Feel stuck and want to get back into flow
Don\'t know what decision to take, find clarity and alignment with yourself
Would like to treat yourself with a both inspiring and deeply relaxing experience

This workshop may help you to

Increase your intuition for daily challenges
Use the full moon in the air sign Gemini as a perfect moment to enhance your communicative gifts
Immerse yourself in your subconscious through breathing meditation and scientifically designed frequencies of gong + electronic sound
Experience deep meditative states for deep restorative relaxation, finding answers and clarity in alignment with your inner voice

What awaits you in this workshop

Intro to increase your intuition
Guided breathing meditation
Composed sound meditation for increasing your intuition: creative intelligence of planetary gongs meets neuroscientific frequencies in electronic sound
Sharing Circle

What you need to bring

Meditation space at home where you can lie down during the sound meditation or alternatively sit in a comfortable space
Speakers or headphones
Shut out outside noises and distractions
Glass of water or warm tea
Eventually be able to dim down the light
Eye mask and blanket
Comfortable clothes
Downloaded Zoom and Soundcloud App
All important tasks finished beforehand so you can find a proper rest and be inspired for the rest of the night

More details

This workshop is part of 3 events with varying focus: 15.11 (New moon in Scorpio: Increase your intuition), 29.11. (Full moon in Gemini: Enhance your communication) and 13.12. (New moon in Sagittarius: Enhance your visions). There is also a package available: https://ohself.de/workshops/spirituality/gong-and-sound-en/moon-ceremonies-w-online-sound-meditation-package/?lang=en
The event is co-hosted with Ivo Vossen - Sound Alchemist, Composer, Music Producer. With over 1 million streams his platform for sounds and mediations Resonance Space is one of the biggest names in terms of music and light to alternate brain wave states to produce effects such as focus at work, restorative meditation or deep healing. His work is known internationally from Neuro Tuning Light & Sound Baths (NTLS Bath) and workshops at Mercedes AI summit and Native Instruments Space. More info about his work: https://resonancespace.com/

About your workshop host

Frida Möhres studied playing gong in Buenos Aires in 2015 followed by advanced workshops with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux becoming a certified Gong Teacher. She has been deeply exploring meditation and music, giving individual and group sessions, creating and playing events, workshops, retreats, and puja nights worldwide.
She currently specializes in recording the complex gong sounds exploring new fields collaborating with various artists. Her work can be found on Germany’s #1 meditation App 7 Mind, Soundcloud and soon Spotify.