healthcoachfx Workshop OH SELF hormonal balance
Activate your chakras with essential oils
Wed 9. Dec 18.30 - 20.00 UHR
HOST: healthcoachFX
LOCATION: online
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Chakra System

This workshop is for you if you

Suffer from the stress and consequences of an imbalanced chakra system, such as low levels of trust, financial insecurity, low libido, little zest for life, little discipline, fear of trying new things, closed heart, fear of speaking your truth, confusion and a feeling of meaninglessness in your life
Want to get back into the flow and use the qualities of your chakras for you, such as self-confidence, creativity, motivation, discipline, compassion, trust, clear communication, intuition and connection to your inner truth
Looking for natural solutions for general wellbeing, emotional balance and physical health

This workshop may help you to

Assign your symptoms and blockages to an imbalance in your chakra and hormonal system
Positively influence your body system with balanced chakras
Understand the relationship between the chakras and your respective hormonal glands
Establish emotional balance in each chakra and your hormonal balance
Become more aware of the consequences of a too high or too low activity of the individual chakra
Support your chakras in everyday life with essential oils
Bring your body back to balance with natural solutions through plant medicine, emotional balance and nutrition

What awaits you in this workshop

Overview of the 7 main chakras and introduction to energy centers
Connection between your energy centres and endocrine glands
Tips on lifestyle, nutrition, essential oils and emotional work to support the 7 energy centers and activate the quality and self-healing capacity

What you need to bring

Laptop/tablet/smartphone with camera and microphone
Stable internet connection

More details

After the workshop you have the opportunity to get a 1:1 coaching on how you can balance your energy centres with natural solutions for your individual emotional and physical challenges

About your workshop host

healthcoachFX was founded in 2014 by a mother and daughter with a vision for women's health care. Our team of holistic nutritionists, hormone experts and biohackers consists of Petra van de Vorst, Laura van de Vorst and Lucie Kanehl. Together, we believe that every woman has the right to take ownership of her health, feel at home in her body and live her best life. Our mission is to help women understand their own bodies, be their own hormonal health experts, and free themselves from suffering anchored in hormone imbalances. Over the last years, we've empowered thousands of women across the globe to take back their health, energy and inner peace. Rather than looking for a quick fix, we addressed the root cause of problems with natural solutions using food, plants, mindfulness and lifestyle as our medicine. We love creating enriching experiences and empowering YOU with practical tips, life-changing routines and personal protocols in our workshops, events, programs, courses, and 1:1 coaching.