Kachenka Foltova Workshop OH SELF Tantra Femininity Weiblichkeit
Orgasmic Breath Awakening Retreat
Thu 23. Sep 05.00 pm - Sun 26. Sep 07.00 pm
HOST: Kachenka Foltova - Serpent Rising
LOCATION: Dorfplatz 3, 12526 Berlin
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Price: 450€400
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Dorfplatz 3, 12526 Berlin
Breath work

This workshop is for you if you

Feel disconnected to your feminine qualities such as intuition, sensuality, flow and passionate creativity
Feel insecure, needy, co-dependent, manipulative, controlling, afraid to speak your truth and lack self-worth
Suffer from people pleasing and struggle to set boundaries
Want to heal your wounds as individual and collective for the planetary evolution
Unite and reclaim the truth of what it means to be alive

This workshop may help you to

Relax, release repressed emotions and body tensions, allowing the integration of previously unresolved issues
Move through many different layers of your personality, creating a clear awareness and understanding of unconscious mind patterns
Find expansion, acceptance and selflove
Reestablish full orgasmic flow of bloss in your whole being
Open and explore your energy through biodynamic breath

What awaits you in this workshop

4 deep biodynamic breathwork sessions
Exercises to recognise blockages and trauma in the body, yours and your clients
Body Armouring: The 7 - Body Segments
Nervous System Response & the Breath
Playful heart space and conscious intimacy evenings

What you need to bring

Accommodation prices (paid seperately): dormitory 3-4 people 12euro/pP per night; your own tent 8 euro/pP per night; double rooms 30-45eu/p2P per night; single room 25euro/pP per night
Water bottle
Pen and notebook
Comfortable clothes
Warm blanket

More details

Location has a big garden, fire place and a sauna
NOT SUITABLE for people with epilepsy, heart disease, pregnancy and schizophrenia- if you have any important health issues please let us know

About your workshop host

Kachenka is an intimacy and relationship coach, Tantra teacher and trauma therapist. It is her mission to support seekers to develop their emotional intelligence skills to become emotionally mature, build connections between intellect and intuition to experience wholeness and rise on their path to higher consciousness. With her retreats, workshops and mentoring programs she focuses on bringing consciousness into sexuality, emotions and communication. She trains individuals and couples to return to a place of authenticity and empowerment.