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New Moon Ceremony in Sagittarius
Sa 4. Dez 17.00 - 20.00 UHR
HOST: Life Forces Inc.
LOCATION: Bundesallee 89, Berlin Friedenau
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Preis: 35
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Bundesallee 89, Berlin Friedenau

Dieser Workshop ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du

Miss clarity and focus about your dreams, visions and intentions in life
Long for guidance for your decisions and your actions
Want to master your emotions and process them fully
Already know what you want but you miss some inner qualities and energy to come into action
Want to spend some time with yourself to align with your inner compass to easily manifest and make your dreams come true
Want to learn more about Astrology, Tarot, Kundalini yoga, breathwork and spirituality

Dieser Workshop kann Dir dabei helfen

Dive deep into the themes of the new moon - new beginnings connected to emotional well-being, nurturing energy, intuition and more
Reflect and set your intentions for this cycle, but also support yourself and others by committing to action steps related to these wishes
Take advantage of the renewing and emotionally-charged energies of the New Moon in Leo
Focus on your self-expression, creativity, self-love, inner child, and tap into the warm, expansive energy of the Sun, the ruler of Leo
Move into a new phase by connecting with your authentic self
Connect your body, mind and soul
Connect with a like-minded, spiritual community

Was Dich im Workshop erwartet

New moon ceremony
Personalized Tarot card reading for the group further guiding us on what to give our attention to at this potent time
Grounding breathwork, meditation and Kundalini movement specially selected for this astrological event
Introduction to the astrological meaning of this New Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon and its connection to certain parts of the body in medical astrology, as well as a look into what else is going on astrologically.
Manual to take home

Was Du mitbringen solltest

Comfortable clothing
Water/ Tea
Pen, notebook or journal
3G: Proof of vaccination/recovery/ rapid test

Weitere Infos

This workshop is co-hosted with Rebecca Malherbe. Rebecca is a Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher and sound healer.
For all levels

Über Deinen Workshop Anbieter

Bianca is the founder of Life Forces Inc., here to support humans at any stage of their spiritual journey. In her readings and coaching sessions, she draws from a variety of practical spiritual tools like Tarot, astrology, and Human Design, to provide your soul with the guidance it’s seeking for the evolution it’s been craving.