Clara Malzer Female Embodiment OH SELF Workshop
Inner Union: Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork
Di 19. Okt 19.00 - 22.00 UHR
HOST: Clara De Lune - Feminine Embodiment
LOCATION: Salon Verde, Am Treptower Park 28, Berlin, Deutschland
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Preis: 35
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Salon Verde, Am Treptower Park 28, Berlin, Deutschland
Kakao Zeremonie

Dieser Workshop ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du

Are looking for deeper connection to yourself and other women
Want to clear old trauma and limiting belief patterns
Desire to deepen the relationship to your feminine nature

Dieser Workshop kann Dir dabei helfen

Explore & deepen the connection to your own polarities through breath, sound, movement and touch
Arrive into deeper union with self and others
Be held and seen in a group of women
Find release from old patterns that are holding you back from fully embodying your truth in the world

Was Dich im Workshop erwartet

Heart-opening cacao ceremony
Powerful Rebirthing Breathwork
Somatic exploration - movement and dance
Connection to our pleasure and sensuality
Diving into the portals of yoni - womb - heart - throat
The creation of a safe and sacred space
Tantric Practices
Intimate Sharing circle
Full Moon rituals
Sisterhood connection

Was Du mitbringen solltest

One Flower
Yogamat (if you have one)
Pen and paper
Comfortable & warm clothes
A sacred item to add to the altar
If you want: instruments, a poem, a song you would like to share, etc.
Your intention & openness to the experience

Weitere Infos

On the day of the ceremony: It is recommended not to drink alcohol, caffeine or take any other substances 24 hours before the ceremony. Try not to eat at least 3 hours before the ceremony, if you need to eat, let it be something light and easily digestible to keep your vessel clear.
Salon Verde: When you enter from the street "Am Treptower Park 28", walk all the way to the right and through the backyard to the very last building. It's Haus F, 3rd Backyard

Über Deinen Workshop Anbieter

Clara is a Berlin-based Clarity Breathwork facilitator, transpersonal life coach, somatic yoga teacher and dance therapist in training who is deeply passionate about assisting and empowering women in their healing and awakening processes. She merges the therapeutic, yogic and shamanic paths as a gateway to deep healing, liberation from old patterns and embodying your true essence. Her service for the feminine is rooted in her dedication to the preservation of Mother Earth.