Astrology & Yoga
Di 8. Dez 19.00 - 20.15 UHR
HOST: Danielle Barnett
LOCATION: online
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Dieser Workshop ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du

Struggle to make the right decision for your life journey and are feeling stuck in understanding yourself and the world around you
Are lacking creativity and flowing inspiration
Are living same patterns and habits of your daily life as you feeling exhausted and dull
Are a beginner and curious to explore Astrology and want to experience an integrated embodied practice

Dieser Workshop kann Dir dabei helfen

Get a clear and digestable insight to current astrological happenings such as the cycles of the Moon and relevant transits and aspects between the planets and signs
Get a broader view to daily problems and interactions
Deepen relationships and shift communication styles
Have more compassion for yourself and others, for your past “mistakes” and for your tendency to struggle when you did not know better
Be more aware, conscious and empowered to encourage greater understanding and compassion for humanity

Was Dich im Workshop erwartet

Sharing circle about current astrological happenings, such as transitions and relationships of the Sun, Moon, major planets
Movement, breath, and meditation to integrate insights into your body by using techniques from various forms of Yoga

Was Du mitbringen solltest

Comfortable space at home with yoga mat and blanket
Notebook and pen
Wear comfortable clothing

Weitere Infos

This workshop is taking place on a weekly basis with different focus on current astrological happenings
Other dates can be found in the workshop section on spirituality

Über Deinen Workshop Anbieter

Danielle is a 500+ hr certified yoga instructor with over six years of consecutive teaching experience and over thirteen years of her own personal practice.  Aside from yoga, a variety of passions keep Danielle on her toes, such as astrology, community circles, feminine topics such as menstruation and birth, and body positivity.  A California native, Danielle began hosting Naked Yoga classes in San Francisco in 2014.  She deeply resonates with the potential of healing, acceptance, and surrender in ‘free body’ spaces.  Upon arriving to Berlin in 2017, Danielle deepened her astrological studies with Giorgia Pecora of Door of Lotus Astrology, and has added ‘Astrology & Yoga’ to her list of offerings since spring 2020.  Through offering classes and workshops at studios and festivals throughout the years to a global community of participants, Danielle has found her purpose to hold space for people to be safe in their vulnerability, and to allow a process of blossoming into the truest version of the self by doing so.