Grace Grossmann Workshop OH SELF Spiritualität
Raise your communication, raise your vibration
Mon 1. Feb 18.00 - Mon 15. Mar 19.00 UHR
HOST: Grace Grossmann
LOCATION: online
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Price: 250€200
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Non-violent communication

This workshop is for you if you

Struggle to be heard, or what to say
Get wondering how to react in certain situations and relationships
Get annoyed by the way that you are so shy or scared
Want to find out what you lack and where you can work on to blossom in fruitful relationships - dating, work-life, friendships, family

This workshop may help you to

Work with fear and self-limiting beliefs
Learn the difference between politeness and rudeness/cultural acknowledgement
Respect and unearth your voice and what matters
Bring in awareness of limitations and boundary setting

What awaits you in this workshop

Six-person group creating connection and accountability partner
Each week with assignments to do
Week 1) Working with fear: What fear do you have to speak up? Where does it come from?
Week 2) Self-limiting beliefs: Following on from last week, we discuss your inner dialogue and the self-projection you may have of yourself in conversations.
Week 3) Politeness: What is the difference between being blunt and rude to be to the point and clear?
Week 4) Your voice: What is your voice? How do you see yourself from a 3rd person view?
Week 5) What matters: What is it that matters to you when you hold a conversation? E.g. Empathy, love, understanding.
Week 6) Respecting you

What you need to bring

Stable internet connection
Comfortable space
Comfortable clothing
Water/ Tea
Pen, notebook or journal
Computer or laptop

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Maximum 6 persons

About your workshop host

Grace is a yoga teacher, well-being coach and author. She is on a mission to help her clients find a more mindful way of life during the midst of confusion in their quarter-life crisis. She teaches Vinyasa and Hatha yoga at Green Yoga and Soul Sport, with group coaching courses too.