Kachenka Foltova Workshop OH SELF Tantra Femininity Weiblichkeit
Lilith & Eve - Healing retreat for women
Fr 6. Aug 09.00 - So 8. Aug 18.00 UHR
HOST: Kachenka Foltova - Serpent Rising
LOCATION: Berlin, Deutschland
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Preis: 425€325
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Berlin, Deutschland

Dieser Workshop ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du

Do not want to separate and play out the sister wound any longer
Feel disconnected to your feminine qualities such as intuition, sensuality, flow and passionate creativity
Feel insecure, needy, co-dependent, manipulative, controlling, afraid to speak your truth and lack self-worth
Suffer from people pleasing and struggle to set boundaries
Want to heal your feminine wounds as individual and collective for the planetary evolution
Unite and reclaim the truth of what it means to be alive
Want to connect to a community of courageous women who are also joining the journey to deeper self-acceptance

Dieser Workshop kann Dir dabei helfen

Come home to sisterhood, within and without
Explore shadow, pain, celebration & reconciliation of the women within and without.
Love & accept ALL of the parts inside of you
Embrace your wildness, softness, erōs, tears, plæsure, wisdom, sweetness and depth

Was Dich im Workshop erwartet

Gifts & shadows of the two archetypes Lilith & Eve
Personal connection to the dark & light sister
Biodynamic breathwork
Deep guided meditations for trust and accountability
Open sacred space for grief
Shadow work and different tools, techniques, practices and modalities for body, mind, soul and spirit
Rituals for healing & reconciliation
Reconciliation ceremony

Was Du mitbringen solltest

Accommodation + Food will be between 120-180€; Rooms available dorms or double
Water bottle
Pen and notebook
Comfortable clothes
Item for altar
eremonial dress (could be one as Eve and one as Lilith)

Weitere Infos

The venue is about 1 hour from Berlin; more information will be provided once you registered
Event is co-hosted with Celeste González. Celeste is a Berlin-based 21st century priestess. She holds powerful and transformational temple spaces of full permission, that allow people to be witnessed in their vulnerability and strength. Her turn-on is to awaken people's souls and to help them remember their inherent power, love and creativity. She studied with well-known teachers about radical honesty, self-pleasure and sexuality.

Über Deinen Workshop Anbieter

Kachenka is an intimacy and relationship coach, Tantra teacher and trauma therapist. It is her mission to support seekers to develop their emotional intelligence skills to become emotionally mature, build connections between intellect and intuition to experience wholeness and rise on their path to higher consciousness. With her retreats, workshops and mentoring programs she focuses on bringing consciousness into sexuality, emotions and communication. She trains individuals and couples to return to a place of authenticity and empowerment.