Kachenka Foltova Workshop OH SELF Tantra Femininity Weiblichkeit
Cobra Breath Initiation - Ipsalu Tantra
Fr 1. Okt 14.00 - So 3. Okt 19.00 UHR
HOST: Kachenka Foltova - Serpent Rising
LOCATION: Haus Birnbaum, Bergstraße 22, 14550 Groß Kreutz
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Preis: 380
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Haus Birnbaum, Bergstraße 22, 14550 Groß Kreutz

Dieser Workshop ist genau richtig für Dich, wenn Du

Bring more aliveness and love into your life
Feel disconnected to your sexual energy, creativity and life and you even feel overwhelmed and confused by your sexual drive
Often feel overwhelmed and powerless
Want to remove energetic blocks at a cellular level in your body & heal stored emotions

Dieser Workshop kann Dir dabei helfen

Learn to live in bliss and to transform your sexual energy consciously into a creative life force
See truth behind illusions of the objective world and become the witness to your life-drama, rather than its victim
Connect your sexual energy with spirituality & expand your heart center
Transmute sexual energy to rejuvenate the body & stimulate creativity
Create and deepen relationships
Express both the shadow and light sides of your divine humanness
Open yourself to manifest your heart’s longing and enrich your love life

Was Dich im Workshop erwartet

Ancient knowledge on tantric philosophy
Yogic practices
Emotional release techniques
Fresh vegan yogic meals from seasonal organic gifts from Earth
Take home materials
Practice audios
Follow-up support

Was Du mitbringen solltest

Water bottle
Pen and notebook
Comfortable clothes
Your own bed sheets and towels
Single room w/ shared bathroom: 35 € / person / night
Double room w/ shared bathroom: 30 € / person / night
Double room w/ own bathroom: 45 € / person / night
Three beds dorm w/ own bathroom: 35 € / night / person
Four beds dorm w/ shared bathroom: 25 € / night / person

Weitere Infos

Sexual practices are discussed but there is no explicit sexual activity
The course is suitable for singles and couples
Friday afternoon at 2pm the group arrives, the sacred space opens at 4pm. Saturday and Sunday we begin at 9am with morning session. There are 90 min breaks for lunch. The afternoon sessions are ending at 7pm on Saturday and on Sunday. There is one Saturday evening session.

Über Deinen Workshop Anbieter

Kachenka is an intimacy and relationship coach, Tantra teacher and trauma therapist. It is her mission to support seekers to develop their emotional intelligence skills to become emotionally mature, build connections between intellect and intuition to experience wholeness and rise on their path to higher consciousness. With her retreats, workshops and mentoring programs she focuses on bringing consciousness into sexuality, emotions and communication. She trains individuals and couples to return to a place of authenticity and empowerment.